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Thanks for taking the time to visit my website and read about us!

Who is Mr. White?Andrew White - White's Lawn Care

My name is Andrew White, the owner of White’s Lawn Care. I’m dedicated to providing quality service, and customer satisfaction is my top priority. I do this by using the experience i’ve gained and continue to gain by working with people and making their properties look great.

What is White’s Lawn Care?

White’s is the product of my passion for the outdoors, business, and customer service. It’s funny how you can be in love with several different things, but never put them together. But then, as if out of the blue, it does! That is how I decided to start a lawn care company. I’ve always enjoyed working outdoors, and being in nature. Unfortunately the closest I ever came to an outdoor job was mowing my own lawn sunday morning. It was on one of those Sunday mornings when it hit me, what if THIS was my job? Could it be possible to do something I enjoy, help others, and build a company? The answer was yes!

My mother always said, “if it’s too good to be true it probably is” with that mentality I set out to see if I was off in a daydream or if I could be onto something. It didn’t take long, after talking with fellow homeowners, to realise I was from a rare breed that actually enjoyed going out in the hot summer days and cutting grass. In fact, many I talked to wished they didn’t have to! I was sold, I was  going to do this thing…

Why choose White’s Lawn Care?

If you started reading from the top and are still with me, Awesome! thanks! That means you also know that this is my passion. You know that every time I visit your property I will treat it as if it was Sunday morning at my own. I’m a believer that value is best appreciated when it’s seen, that’s why I stripe, trim, and edge your property and even blow grass clippings off your driveway and sidewalk for no extra cost! how’s that for value? When I leave your property you will know exactly what you paid for and why you made the right choice with White’s.

What are you waiting for!

Well I can’t answer that one, that’s on you! Okay… i’ll help click here to fill out our contact form. I can’t wait to hear from you so we can get started on making your lawn great! Can’t wait to chat it up with me? Fear not! send me a text message during business hours and we can start right away, I guarantee it!